Think Cheetah By Alexei Bazdarev

From both IG/Phone!!!





“Taken by none other then Alexei Bazdarev”


Amazing man!


Dolce and Gabbana 2013 -2014 Fall / Winter Collection Report!!!


  Once again Dolce and Gabbana has made it huge with a big fashion show and that’s not all…

the show was all Red and Gold like a rich blood or red wine feel with a touch of gold added on the side!

To be Told…


Working with my Idol Mira Sezar!



Working with Mira  was a life long dream and it cam true!

I want to thank Mira for the amazing opportunity to get to Runway her fashion along 23 other girls!

The photo’s above are from her website

It was hard walking but I had so much fun doing that runway. I made friends and yes many of the girl had a cat fight on who should not and who should be and also over the fashion ideas of Mira!


Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.” -Mira Sezar


My first blog!!! Come on and follow my life!

Hey guys I know I am Russian and you may ask why I am typing in English.

1. It’s because I want to and from my twitter and I.G. many of my followers are Bands, Singer’s, and Fans who live in America!

My blog is about Fashion, Being a mom, and giving great advice.

You may call me Svet, Lana, or Svetlana.

My IG is

My FB I do not have one because it has to much drama, and people using my IG photos!!!

I think this will do for my first post for right now.